You probably wildly underestimate this issue in your business

It is often overlooked or just seen, as a requirement that companies really dont have a lot of interest in. Understandable, however, it is actually one of the most important. Why?

Metro Manila is home to some of the best restaurants and hotels in the world, and it takes a lot to keep customers happy and returning. In addition to great food, comfortable atmosphere and a consistent quality level of service there is much to think about. Unfortunately, unbeknown and a greatly underestimated aspect is food-related pests. Cockroaches, flying insects and rodents are a MASSIVE threat to all of these and your financial bottom line, and you probably don’t know all the reasons why!

Your Reputation is KEY!

Possibly more than any other industry, restaurants rely on their reputations. Just a FEW bad reviews, verbal or written have the power to sink a business, and that’s why appearances matter so much.

eat-547511_960_720Even with no health hazard, diners may come to the conclusion that a restaurant is unsanitary from an insect sighting of any kind. So, even if harmless to humans, they can still hurt a restaurant. Make sure your business stays absolutely free of pests to maintain a superb reputation in hygiene and cleanliness.


The presence of pests can often reduce to low overtime in importance to restaurant safety and internal inspections, its easy to slip and simply “not notice it”, but your customers will!

slip-up-709045_960_720Pest control is a basic aspect of food safety but in time “seen” as normal as its a continual threat. Many pests are attracted to food, contaminating it with a multitude of germs, such as Salmonella, parasites or mosquito related that can and do cause serious illness. Partly for that reason, millions of people get sick each year. Don’t let your customers become a statistic, it will stick within their mind and anyone they inform.

Unseen and Unknown Damage

Many pests damage property: some chew through linens, termites weaken building structures, and rodent infestations can even cause fires eating through electrical cables, and they do. A lot of investment goes into a restaurant. Don’t let some unwanted pest guests depreciate it – protect it properly, – peace of mind.

Healthy Employees

Many people are allergic to one or more common pests, sometimes they don’t even know its cockroach or insect related why they snivel and sneeze. Chronic exposure can make sensitive employees sick. So, days off work, higher staff costs, higher turnover rates. Make sure you retain your best staff, develop a super healthy work code and ensure they all know it and impliment it at all times.

Intelligent Pest Control

With all the above in mind, one can see pest control and prevention are incredibly important to a restaurant or hotel business as a whole. That’s why our experts at Intellipest Control Inc are dedicated to keeping your businesses pest-free in the first place. Ever notice that large or chain restaurants are free of pests, yet you never see pest control around? Ask yourself why that is so. We know our business, we can come at night, we seal off potential entry points, which you wont even know exist and recommend a list of simple things to prevent all sorts of pests, internal and external to your premises. For added protection, regular preventive treatments are a must for your business to grow with the great reputation you would want.

If you represent a restaurant in the Metro Manila area and are concerned about pests, Intellipest is here to help. We provide fast, friendly, intelligent and affordable restaurant pest control. To find out more about our services or to schedule an inspection, call (02) 503 5267 today. Website:

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