The Vampire Dietries

Yes, you read correctly, Im talking about the diet of our small vampire companions and the sheer cheek of them to attack up so much.

Efficient, determined, resiliant and deadly

At first, when I researched mosquitoes it was because I hated them, they like to bite me and I mean a lot. As I have come to know them more and more, personally and through work and research, I have come to admire them. Strange eh? I still hate them tho. They truly are vampires, they love a full moon, research has shown them to be 500% more active in terms of biting and sucking our blood at that time, maybe their a bit werwolfie too? Anyway, the more you research them the more facinating they reallly are, read on.

12 Facts about the little vampires

  1. Mosquitoes are known to have existed back to 400 million years ago, the triassic period, hows that for longevity of a species!
  2. Not just in terms of time, they have developed into over 2, 700 different species. Humans, how are we doing on that score, err, one I think?
  3. They only weigh about 2.5mg, not sure why that’s cool but it is. Similarly, the average mosquito only takes about 5-millionths of a liter of blood during feeding. Not much you say, no, (it’s the waste they inject into us while they’re at it that causes the problems for us). However that little bit they do take adds up, it adds up to 1.6 MILLION gallons of blood a year from all of us!mosquitoo
  4. They are highly skilled at detection with several built-in methods:
  5. They detect infra-red radiation from warm bodies to find you.
  6. They detect your movement by sight – up to 50% more chance of being bitten if you fidget about!
  7. They also detect our chemical smells if its completely dark, still find you!.
  8. In addition, they can detect our breath, they are attracted to carbon dioxide and latic acid and other chemicals we omit from around 30 meters away.
  9. Sat marsh mosquitoes can migrate up to 40 miles for a meal, 40 MILES!
  10. Bigger people are more attractive because they are larger targets, more attractants,- CO2 and lactic acid. Also being more active -produces more CO2 and lactic acid.
  11. Pregnant women get bitten more for similar reasons, higher temp, more breath.
  12. It’s the female mosquito who bites us, the males eat fruit and vegetable juices.mosq2thumb

I think it makes sense for mosquitoes to be more active under a full moon in any case. There is more juicy prey about, me included on a nice moonlit night, why wouldn’t they? Right Im off, full moon coming, need a decent mosquito net……..




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