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General Pest Control

Most homes and businesses choose our General Pest Control (GPC) Package which is an integrated maintenance approach to pest control. It is a full cover solution for all pests like crawling insects, flying insects as well as rats & rodents. We use fast and effective techniques and the best strategy to create a pest-free environment. Much of our work is in restaurants, food storage facilities, homes, offices and commercial premises.

We use a variety of techniques, proven methods of pest termination with regular maintenance to reduce breeding. For rodents and larger insects such as cockroaches, we may combine sprays, traps, bait stations and various other methods including gel and baits and glues depending on the rodent/ insect problem and environment.

IntelliPest Control Inc. plans to be the leading supplier of pest control services in Manila and the provinces.  So whether your problem is residential or commercial, we will provide a fast response and a great value for money pest removal service. We have some good advice for customers and the general public, please feel free to browse our useful pages or call us for your free property survey. Our contact details are at the bottom of each page.

Call, message or email us to log a FREE survey inspection, we will contact you within 24 hours to book the next available appointment. We will survey your property and advise how to avoid future problems as well as treating any infestation.


Termite Control

Intellipest uses the most effective known system to eliminate Termites 

Our system uses a security ring to protect against termites. Protecting continually against termite invaders.

We treat subterranean termite infestations by applying termiticides to the soil around and under a house, providing a barrier of protection around the home and potential termite entry points. When needed tecnicians may apply termiticides to the surface of infested wood or inject it directly into the wood.

Monitoring and Bait Stations – Monitoring and bait devices are another method for identifying and controlling subterranean termite infestations. First, monitoring stations are set up near areas with confirmed or potential activity.

If activity is confirmed, your pest control expert will replace the monitoring stations with bait devices that will attract termites seeking new food sources. These forager termites will ingest toxins within the
devices and then carry these toxins back with them to the colony, where they will share the lethal bait with their nestmates.

Treatment examples:

Gel Baits

We use several types of gel baits, depending on the infestation, this is particularly effective with the several varieties of cockroach found in the Philippines. Some gels are suitable for surfaces, others are especially for cracks & crevice treatments.

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 Misting uses (ULV)Ultra Low Volume treatment: This method is also used to control a wide variety of crawling and flying insects whether at rest or active. The advantage is an even spray reaching into cracks and crevice and small areas.

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Rodent Control

For rodent control there are also avariety of methods, cages, glues and baits. We use bait stations where appopriate and safe non-human-toxic glue applications if neccessary.

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Sanitation Sprays & More!

Wherever infestation is evident and it is safe to do so, we spray insecticide to reach all to stop the immediate problem and prevent them from breeding any further. All in all, we have a variety of tools in our arsenal to keep your premises pest free. We have many varied methods for rats, mice, flies, termites and all other flying and crawling insects at our disposal.

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