Pest Treatments

Treatment Options and Examples:

Misting using (ULV)Ultra Low Volume treatment:  This method is also used to control a wide variety of crawling and flying insects whether at rest or active. The advantage is an even spray reaching into cracks and crevice and small areas.




Gel Baits: We use several types of gel baits, depending on the infestation, this is particularly effective with the several varieties of cockroach found in the Philippines. Some gels are suitable for surfaces, others are especially for cracks & crevice treatments.




Rodent Control: For rodent control there are also a variety of methods, cages, glues and baits. We use bait stations where appopriate and safe non-human-toxic glue applications if necessary.




Sanitation Spray:  Wherever infestation is evident and it is safe to do so, we spray insecticide to reach all to stop the immediate problem and prevent them from breeding any further.




Foamers: For use against termites, often used in conjunction with a variety of specialst tools and equipment, depending on the environment.


All in all, we have a variety of tools in our arsenal to keep your premises pest free.

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