Common Cockroach

Cockroach Treatments – how we gain control and remove them

  Common cockroaches are light to dark brown-black and about an inch to two inches long, this is how untrained persons can best identify the species.

Treatments against the common cockroach are sometimes carried out using a high performance residual insecticide that once dried, leaves a film on surfaces where cockroaches are present. The chemical is transferred to the body parts when the insect crawls over the surfaces. They then ingest the chemical during grooming which acts on the nervous system to kill them.

Common cockroaches are normally found in environments where people don’t usually inhabit (see below), therefore, sprays are usually safe to use. Different approaches may be used for busy kitchen areas.

We can also use insecticidal gels, this means less chemicals present in your property because we only put tiny dots of gel around in a very targeted manner, especially in kitchens. Usually, cockroach treatment is regularly maintained to clear infestation completely and keep it that way. Our staff are all trained and have plenty of practical field experience in dealing with cockroach problems.

To continue effective control after your technicians visit, you may well be advised to carry out some maintenance work – e.g., repairing cracked tiles, woodwork, floor edging, pipes etc. where cockroaches may harbour and to clean up any food residues which will attract them.

Our Approach

For ICI to exterminate cockroaches and other insects in private houses or commercial property is usually discussed after we arrange for one of our pest control technicians to visit and assess the problems.

If you’re unsure of anything, or would prefer a face to face, a no obligation chat with the technician at your property, we will happily arrange to do that with you, however below is an outline of what to expect from ICI cockroach control service.

For all commercial clients, the service provided is generally as below, but geared to your site and specific needs. We will always carry out an initial survey to commercial sites to identify the nature and extent of cockroach infestation.

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We will organise a no-charge Technician to call out to your property to make an ocular survey.

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