Gross, really, just gross, I dont know what else….

Cockroaches – They are just the worst, honestly, hard to believe, read on…

1. Food contamination: Cockroaches will eat anything, including each other! Paper, hair, card, just anything. They contaminate food and surfaces crawling about at night, defecating anywhere including your food if accessible.

2. Bacteria: Like flies, they regurgitate on food to help them eat it. It’s full of bacteria and is left to multiply on our food or surfaces, it causes us infections, unitary problems and can cause sepsis.

3. Cockroach bites: Some species bite, they also scratch, (they have sharp bits), can eat soft tissue and hair and your nails when asleep. Nice.

4. In where? Not only are they in your home or business but you as well, they can enter body orifices when your asleep. Cases have been recorded. Enough said on that I think.

5. Poisoning: Where epidemic food poisoning out breaks have occurred, once pest control has eliminated the cockroach infestation, new cases drop sharply. Cockroaches carry salmonella, which can bring about typhoid and food poisoning.

6. Allergies: They have been linked to allergies as cockroach secretions carry many allergens, causing perhaps, sneezing, rashes running eyes, etc.

7. Asthma: Cockroaches are bad for those with asthma. If there is an infestation, you are likey to suffer much worse and in increased danger or life threatening complications. Even those without asthma can develop the symptoms by inhaling cockroach allergens.

8. Parasites. Sure you have had enough by now but one more. Cockroaches carry a variety of parasites. Smaller creatures on and around them. They piggy-back the cockroach, stopping off for tasty snacks, defecating and spreading their additional bacteria.

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