Company Profile

Our Company

Intellipest Control Inc is a SEC registered Pest Control Company, based in Metro Manila. Offering pest control, abatement and extermination services of pests and vermin throughout the country. Our aim is to maintain a professional, reliable, efficient, cost-effective to residential and business and commercial properties of Metro Manila and surrounding Provincial areas.

Our Story

At the start of our business in pest control we realised the need for a fair and efficient service with effective results for people in need of help with pests of all types. We bring a local, personal touch for our customers, unlike large international companies who have many shareholders to pay, we are family run, from and in Manila, we love & care about our people and City . We are 10 in company members but what we lack in size is our advantage quality, care and service. You can discuss any pest problems with our technicians or our friendly office staff will help, just call or message for any information.

Technical Teams

We only have qualified, experienced technicians who know their business. They use the latest insecticides, pesticides, and the most up to date pest control equipment to ensure full abatement of all pests. Whenever possible, they use the latest eco-friendly, natural or non-toxic substances to reduce environmental impact.

Expect Exceptional Pest Control Service

We want you to like the service you receive. It is built into the very core of our company, and our customers notice it and give us the highest ratings. We will always welcome your comments and any feedback. Email: KC@


Customer Support

We believe in great customer service, it is our special contributions to lasting customer relationships. We are committed to providing a consistent high level of service with a strong focus on quality, care and discretion.

Team Work

Our qualified teams are effective and expert, our customer advisors, supervisors and office staff are motivated to give the best service we can. Together, we pursue one goal: optimum, quality, care and individual pest abatement solutions for our customers


Honesty is our policy, money matters to everyone. We know this and believe in giving a fair price for the service we provide. We demand high quality and value not only for you but for our own levels of satisfaction as a company.

Reliability: Our middle name

We think of ourselves as a modern, efficient and effective company with vision for our own future and the Philippines. We pride ourselves in being a Philippine Company supplying a reliable and efficient service to people, their homes and businesses. Our promise to you is to be efficient, reliable and straightforward in our transactions while delivering the very best possible service.

Customer Care

Our Team

Our Customer Service Team takes pride in providing courteous and responsive support to all customers in a professional manner, we have experience working with customers and are aware of the solutions needed so that we can achieve the required outcomes.

  • Resolve problems as fast as possible
  • Listen to you and your concerns, from your perspective.
  • Communicate with you & between all our teams so we all have the full picture.
  • Get you the answers you need when you need them
  • Share your feedback with our whole team, we want to continually improve our service.

Our friendly customer service team, marketing team, management team, technical staff and supervisors are all here to help. Call us or call in for a chat about what we can do for you and your premises.

(02) 503 5267 or (02) 283 9572.