Bedbugs are increasing and it’s probably our fault!

If you live in a big city like Manila, you’re perhaps familiar with bed bugs. They actually live with a meter or so of beds that are habituated regularly, in cracks, crevices and soft furnishings. This is ideal for reproduction and infestation, regular food, (your blood) and a cozy crevice nearby. Only takes a few weeks to infest an entire house, itchy scratchy nightmares will follow!

Lots of research has shown they have increased dramatically in the last decade across the world. They have been with us for millennia and now are developing to combat our defenses with faster metabolisms and heavier exoskeletons.

As people travel more across the world they are moving internationally in luggage and clothing, evolving to live with our modern lifestyle and us. Just as Darwin explains, the stronger ones survive and evolve further continually, ones that can adapt to our habitats and us are better positioned to breed and infest.

The bed bugs now are suited to urban living, active when we sleep, developing bodies which can react quickly to our movements, jumping away to survive as we roll over. The research does not explain conclusively why they are increasing so much in the last few years, but it seems humans and travel are playing an important part of it.

As we develop insecticides and for a while control their numbers, they learn to adapt and resistance builds so they can continue their crusade across the globe, hitching a ride on clothes and shoes, in trains planes and automobiles.

You can see bed bugs with the naked eye flat, oval-shaped, and their color ranges from dark burned orange to reddish and brown, often a bit redder after a big feed. From egg to adult takes roughly six to eight weeks. Bed bugs are found often in hotels or hostels but will, and do, survive in all types of housing.

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Bites from Bedbugs

With thanks for Photographs: Piotr Naskrecki and James Heilman

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