Bed Bugs Awareness Week June 17 – 24 2017

There is an ever growing population of bed bugs in this country and many others, Intellipest Control has deemed that June 17th to June 23rd Bed Bug Awareness Week this year in order to highlight this nasty pest which is so difficult to get rid of with out professional help.

You may think that the over-the counter products will get rid of them and the few you can see will be destroyed. However the many hundreds that may be in the walls, cracks, crevices, boards and furnishings or technolgical aparatus (TV’s etc) will not be erradicated.  They can wait until danger passes and go several months without feeding.

Bed bugs were dying out from the 50’s to the 90’s, as people travel more, they have began to repopulate travelling on clothes, shoes, bags and suitcases to evey country. They dont care how clean you are, or your house, once in they will quickly multiply.

Bed bugs are usually oval, flat, reddish-brown, and have 6 legs. The adults are arount 5mm long. They feed on human blood, mostly, and become enlarged and redder after a blood feast. Bed bugs are extremely tough insects that can live without a blood meal for many months and can withstand extreme temperatures – up to around 110 degrees.

It may be difficult to tell a bed bug bite from a mosquito, It is not always easy, you may get a reaction from their bite, causing small, itchy, red welts  and sores.

Bites from Bedbugs

The main clues are finding shed exoskeletons, clear empty ‘body shells’  blood drops, or small feces on clothing or bed linen ; and you may spot bed bugs around the bed, especially arounfd the sides, edges etc.

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