6 Secrets & 6 Tips to Long Life

Surprising what you may think is involved in longevity but there are many people living to over 100, especially in the west. A number of factors exist for those that wish to live to a ripe old age and stay healthy and live to be more than a centurian! Here are some of the top tips.

  1. Train yourself to not get stressed.  This is probably the most important one. Many studines show stress is a key factor to lower immunity and allow all kinds of diseases to get a grip. Remove the stress, your body will naturally fight off infections and diseases. This includes calmness and being relaxed in general.
  2. Stay curious about life, do work you love, which means its not actually “work”, stay active and be social, not FaceBook social, but actively social in your community.
  3. Eat & Drink right. A little of everything and not too much of anything. Always drink just water, you dont need fizz, alcohol, pops and caffines, you just need w a t e r!
  4. Friends and family. Good relationships are very important. Keep them, care about them, give and receive.
  5. Enjoy life. Always be curious, keep learning, have fun and enjoy company.
  6. Take superb care of your health.  Keeping a clean healthy, moderately exercised body. And also a clean home. Always overlooked how a clean home / environment helps your good health hugely. Many bugs, cockroaches, and rodents bring people a massive selection of diseases, infections and illnesses, they are most often how you get them! Bugs, cockroaches, flying insects, mice and rats will mostly come out at night, crawl over everything you eat on, defecate and pee on it, leaving their parasites, diseases and germs everywhere. You get up in the morning and think you see a clean kitchen. It’s probably not, especially not if you know there are bugs or rodents around. Keep it super clean and call in the experts, they have great knowledge and can give superb advice as well as maintain a pest free environment for you.

Now you may not agree, but a little of everything in moderation is best advice. Read all the research on longevity you can find, its more about cleanliness of body and home, good eating habits, no stress and having fun.

The Extra Mile Secrets

If you wish to take it even further there are some special secrets, well, little known or unconfirmed practice and ideas. Im not going to tell you, do some work yourself! I will hint and let you research it yourself. If you really want it, you will research it.

Here is your Top hints: Qigong, Baguazhang,  Keep a quiet heart,  Sit like a tortoise, Walk sprightly like a pigeon, Sleep like a dog.

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  • NOTE: The ideas and suggestions in this article are for education and interest only. Before changing diets and excersise you must consult your own doctor or physician. For a clean house, visit: www.Intellipest.net

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