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General Pest Control

We will elliminate all flying and crawling insects, rats, rodents and termites.

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Termite Control

We uses the most effective known termite extermination system.

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* No call out charge * Sanitary Certificate * Philippine FDA Approved * Free Ocular & Report

Certified Pest Control

Free Inspection, Professional Quality Service

Metro Manila’s favourite provider of pest control solutions from prevention and protection to removal and elimination.
Our pest technicians are on call 7 days a week throughout Manila to keep your home and business protected.
You can find information about most pests by clicking here. This list is by no means exhaustive, so if you have any problem that’s not listed, give us a call anyway as we will be able to help.







Why Use a Professional Pest Control Company?

  • A professional technician knows the species of pests.
  • At inspection, they will find the extent and cause of your pest problem.
  • They have training to use the most effective controlled substances under the pesticide regulations.
  • They can safely administer effective, suitable procedures to eliminate your pest problem.
  • They use techniques to prevent damage and contamination to employees & family.
  • They can advise on how to ensure no reoccurrence of pests in your property.

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Certified General Pest Control for your Business In Metro Manila

We supply an Intellipest Sanitary Certificate with your regular services with unique monthly updated stamps showing your commitment to hygiene and certification to cleanliness in your establishment.


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Main office: (02) 503 5267 or (02)283 9572 or mobile: 09171054756


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The Intellipest Promise

  • Protect Our Clients Reputation
  • Deliver a reliable, efficent service
  • Minimise infestation
  • Erradicate the risk of stock damage
  • Maintain professional relationships
  • Ensure due diligence at all times


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